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Crystal Geological

Emerald Orgonite Pyramid - Love & Healing - 5cm

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Emerald Orgonite Pyramid - 5cm - Love & Healing 

In our Orgonite Pyramids, we’ve used aluminum, copper , resin, Clear Quartz pointers and extra small Emerald tumble stone.

This is a hand made product using a number of natural products, colour and shapes inside the pyramid may vary based on what we use in it. 

About the Orgonite Pyramid : 

Pyramids, as we know have been around for a long time and the shape has been replicated in many different applications for a reason. The pyramid creates a spherical harmonic vibration field around itself. Everything in this area begins to move towards harmony and balance, The pyramid combined with our custom, handmade mixture creates a potent Orgonite that can be placed in your work and home, the most effective area to place it in, is the North/South axis.

Having said that, I placed mine in the bedroom and it made a huge difference to my sleeping pattern, if you feel strongly that you want to place your Orgonite in an area, then go with your intuition and see how it feels

Orgone Energy - What is an Orgonite ?

At some time in your life, you might have explored feng Shei, smudging, using crystals and various other means to clear your space, energies, release bad vibes or to protect yourself and your environment from all of the above, Electro Magnetic Frequencies and other energetic manipulations.

We look at these as different forms but at heart, they are working with energies, energies that have become stuck or ‘bad’ energies that have accumulate in our bioenergy fields and environment. Nowadays with all the EMFs of the modern world, it can become overwhelming, that is why more and more people are looking to find solutions to clearing their space and personal energy fields even if we don’t realise it on a conscious level, we do feel the need to take action.

“Orgone Energy, the term coined by Dr Wilhelm Reich, an Austrian scientist and psychoanalyst and contemporary of Sigmund Freud, used this term to describe the universal energy that permeates everything and is the source of all life.

He observed that when the flow of this Orgone Energy is blocked in a person, this leads to muscular tension and disease. Similarly, he described the world’s deserts as lacking a flow of lively, vibrant Orgone Energy. He called this “negative” manifestation of Orgone Energy DOR, or Deadly Orgone Energy. Whenever the atmosphere feels stale, oppressive, or dead and when you observe a particular blackness in cloud formation you are in fact experiencing a high and unhealthy DOR concentration.”

Reich experimented with orgone accumulators using organic and metallic materials, Orgonite is the continuation of Reich’s research and discoveries.

Don Croft was one of the forerunners in the development of Orgonite as we know it today. It is the combination of organic and inorganic material along with Quartz Crystals in specific shapes to amplify the energy output.

Our modern Orgonite devices can revitalize stagnant energy and turn it into vibrant Orgonite energy and along with crystals, gemstones, various metals, and specific shapes, we can revitalize and energize our energetic field as well as interrupt the EMF exposure we experience on a daily basis.

Crystal Geological has created a range of Orgonite products, which include Pyramids, Tower Busters, Jewellery, Food Charging Plates, and Healing Discs. We use very specific materials, shapes, and symbols to give optimum benefits.

We use aa combination of Resin, Metals (Aluminum, Copper, Stainless Steel etc) along with Gold, Silver, or Copper leaf. A Clear Quartz pointer, along with gemstones to create as much impact as possible for you when using your Orgonite.

PS in case you’re wondering about the amount & quality materials used. The secret is, the more metals in an Orgonite, the better the amplification of Orgone energy.


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