Crystals & Gemstones - A love journey

Crystals & Gemstones - A love journey

Crystals have a powerful attraction for us, they draw us in through jewellery, pendulums, tumble stones, rough blocks, amazing geodes and pointers.

What is it that attracts us, is it the connection to earth, the beauty of nature encapsulated in one single crystal with its many facets and hues of colour. Or is it the energetic pull, the connection to something we can’t explain but so strongly feel.

When we think about crystals and gemstones words like healing, love, abundance and protection come to mind, energies that feel so right for today, not so long ago an interest in crystals would have got you sideways glances and puzzled frowns.                                                                                                 Gemstones were for jewellery and any other use was whooo whooo, thank goodness we are now in a more enlightened era and are free to explore the wonders of crystal and gemstones, free to connect on a spiritual level and free to learn about the depths of crystals.

Starting out on your crystal journey can be very exciting and very confusing, how do I choose my crystal, where do I keep it, must I wear it all the time, all good questions but with crystals, it’s time to let go of the intellect and connect on a different level first, the practicalities can come later.

A good starting point is to connect with the heart centre in your body, quiet your mind and run your gaze along the selection of gems, do you feel a tingle, a pull, does your eye stop on one stone and linger?  Which stone is it, what are the energetic properties of the stone, after asking or reading about the energies, does it resonate with you?  This is heart and soul connection that you are experiencing, your love journey with crystals has begun.

Or you could find out about which crystals have the energies for something specific you are working on, there will be more than one that will come up, look at the crystals, pick up the one that talks to you, feel if there is a connection, if not, move onto the next one until you find the one.

There is no denying the powerful energies of crystals, they are here to work with us and help us, absorbing what we don’t want and amplifying what we do want. That’s why it’s so important to clear and charge your crystals.

As I sit here writing this, I am wearing a Fluorite necklace for EMF protection and sodalite on my computer to help with the writing process, both these gemstones have other properties to them, but these are the specific ones I’m working with right now so that’s what I programmed them with and asked for help with during this process.                                                                                             I just love fluorite, it has some of my favourite colours, aquamarine, blue, soft purple and many variations and combinations of these colours, it feels like such a strong yet gentle stone to me.                                                                             The blue of Sodalite is such a great throat chakra colour,  this helps to speak your truth and articulate clearly, the swirls of white through the blue remind me of a universal sky and our universal connection, it is quite a flat stone with a softly curving dent that perfectly fits the groove of my thumb, ideal for when I’m struggling to express something, I stop and run my thumb along this groove, connect with the sodalite and soon enough my fingers are flying across the keyboard, like now, best I slow down on this particular part of the love journey or there could be reams of pages.                                                                 When I’m done, I will thank them with gratitude, clear them and put them in their special place until we meet again.

Talking about love Journeys, lets look at the crystals and gemstones that help us with love in all aspects, self-love, finding love, family love, passionate love, pet love, the list is long, and everyone sees love through their own viewing point.  We look for answers and help with this highly emotional state of being.  The answers are there inside us, in the quietly whispering voice or the loud demanding one, crystals can help us focus, set the intent and guide us through the journey with their beautiful energy.


Crystals for Love

Crystals for love begin their journey as soon as you have them. So, just by carrying your stones for love in your pocket or placing them in a special place in your home, you can access their benefits. One of the best ways to strengthen your connection to the stones is to wear them next to your skin, for us ladies, the bra is an excellent carrier of crystals, or you can wear Crystal jewellery.

To bring love into your household, you can place the gemstones in various areas of the house where you want to invite in a warm and loving energy.  Next to your bed for a more intimate energy or under your pillow for a peaceful night’s sleep.

Self-Love Crystals – The journey of love begins here

  • Amazonite for setting boundaries, self-awareness & self-compassion
  • Amethyst for spiritual love.
  • Carnelian for root strength and self-esteem.
  • Citrine for saying yes to joie de vivre.
  • Green Adventurine reduces self-criticism and boosts self confidence
  • Rose Quartz for inviting the heart chakra to bloom.


Crystals for finding Love

  • Rose Quartz helps to open your heart to receive and give love
  • Moonstone brings couples together on a spiritual, physical & emotional level.
  • Lapis Lazuli brings the clarity to choose the right person and promotes honesty, harmony and compassion in relationships
  • Malachite resonates with the heart chakra and vibrations of love
  • Carnelian promotes happiness, joy & creativity
  • Smokey Quartz clears the blocks in your love life

Crystals for Passionate Love

  • Red Jasper for igniting the flame of passion in existing relationships
  • Carnelian to open and energize the sacral chakra
  • Siva Lingam for sacred sexuality - a symbol of the unity of the masculine and feminine in perfect harmony

Crystals for Family Love

  • Rose Quartz the stone of unconditional love
  • Amethyst melts away stresses and tensions in the home
  • Blue Lace Agate for courage and grounding in young children
  • Aquamarine helps restore tranquility for the parents
  • Citrine to resolve family conflicts and to restore joy in the household

For the Love of Pets

  • Amethyst for relaxing and reducing anxiety
  • Rose Quartz to enhance the loving connection
  • Black Tourmaline for protection and to balance your pet’s physical & emotional well being
  • Clear Quartz for speeding up the healing process and boosting the immune system

Suggestions: selecting which crystal is right for your pet, place a few in front of them and see how they react, if they show an interest by sniffing or tapping the gem then it’s probably the right one, if they completely ignore it, it isn’t the right one for them.                                                                                                        

A gemstone collar or gemstone charm attached to the collar is probably the best way for them to have the gemstones near them, alternatively large gemstones or geodes in their sleeping area would work as well.  Avoid smaller loose stones that can be chewed or swallowed by your pet.   Your pets react to your vibrations so when introducing your pet to crystals it helps if you are calm, relaxed and connected to the heart space of love.


You’ve made the selection

Your crystal journey is on its way, how do you look after your crystals from here?

The first thing to do is to clear your crystals of any residue of built-up energies and charge them so that you can program them to work with you.  There are a few ways to do this.

  • Put them outside or on a windowsill on a full moon to recharge.
  • Use the rain as a way to cleanse them with water, or hold them under running water – the closer to nature the better
  • Smudge them with a sage stick or some Palo Santo.
  • Bury them underground for 24 hours. ...
  • Use a cleansing crystal like Selenite or clear Quartz
  • Soak them in salt or sea water, some crystals are sensitive to salt, if you aren’t sure if yours are, then opt for one of the other methods.

It’s a good idea to do this as soon as you get home with your new crystals as they have been through many hands before reaching you.

Visualization is a very powerful tool for crystal work, Ashley Levey gives a good visualization technique for this.

Hold the stone in the palm of your hands “visualize clear pure universal light filling your crystal, see the light expand until it surrounds the stone and fills your palm, intend that all negativities be removed and dissolved from the stone, when you intuitively feel that the stone has been cleared you can stop the visualization.”

Full Moons are a great reminder to clear our crystals, If your crystal has been working hard for you, clear it as often as needed you don’t have to wait for a full moon.

Once they are charged, you can place them in a soft pouch to protect them from dust and scratches.

Some people say that when a crystal disappears from your life, the work you needed it for is done. 

You could set the crystal that helped you during your Love journey in a beautiful piece of jewellery to celebrate and honor the connection to a loving, healing and divine energy that the crystal has brought into your life.