Rose Quartz Lamp

Rose Quartz Lamp

Crystal Geological Rose Quartz Lamp

Congratulations on the purchase of your Rose Quartz lamp, you now have in your home, a beautiful lamp that not only gives a soft warm ambience to your room but also has a multitude of health benefits and will help to draw an influx of healing energy into your home.

The beautiful spectrum of pink hues that you get from rose quartz not only help to relax, calm and melt away tension but also strengthen empathy and sensitivity.

Pink is associated with love and femininity; Rose Quartz’s pink colour is the source of it’s wonderful properties. Pink represents relationships and can heal connections to the heart chakra and be used to attract love or strengthen an existing relationship with a significant other or even the relationship you have with yourself.  It will help to sooth tensions related to poor productive health and boost female fertility.

In the home, fen sui experts recommend using a Rose Quartz Lamp for clearing the home of heavy energies and promoting healing after a breakup or loss to promote feelings of love and calm.

Your Rose Quartz Lamp has been created from giant rose quartz crystals that emit a soft, romantic glow. Diffused bulbs are added to the crystals to create organic light fixtures with unique restorative properties.                 

                       Your Rose Quartz Lamp can be placed in the bedroom to promote peaceful sleep, reduce stress and dispel negative energies.  Meditating near your Rose Quartz Lamp will help to enhance the meditation process.

It is easy to maintain your Rose Quartz Lamp as it is tolerant of light and heat, is one of the strongest crystals around and is easy to clean.  The Rose Quartz Lamp can be switched on only when needed and does not have to be on all the time.