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Introduction to Tarot (Course Outline)

The course consists of 10 modules of 1 to 1½ hour teaching time during weekly classes. Participants will receive homework assignments to help familiarize themselves with the cards.  A WhatsApp group will be created for participants to ask questions, share readings and ask for clarification of their readings from each other.  The WhatsApp group will only be use for participants in the Tarot class and Tarot related content from the classes. 

To Sign Up:

You have the option to  buy the full course or pay in two installments. We also have the option for a drop in class should you want to attend a specific module for refresher or clarification purposes.

You can sign up for the full course or attend as a drop in for a refresher on a particular module. 

Location & Time :

This is an In person course Location : Crystal Geological 64 Conrad Drive Blairgowrie

All modules dates are stipulated below, the class will meet on indicated date from 10:00 -11:30 in the morning. 

All participants are required to have their own RAIDER WAIT Tarot Card set - Radiant or Universal is suitable.

Course Schedule :

Module 1  20 July 2024

Intro to Tarot: Brief history of Tarot, Anatomy of Wright-Waite-Smith Deck, Choosing your deck, Tarot as an Art form, Overview of reading for others, Reading for yourself


Module 2 27July 2024

Major Arcana Part 1 : Includes Zodiac and Numerological  symbolism of card

Symbolism and role of the Major Arcana

The Fool – The Wheel of Fortune

Keywords for cards 0-10


Module 3 3 August 2024

Major Arcana Part II : Includes Zodiac and Numerological symbolism of card

Justice – The World

Keywords for cards 11-21


Module 4 17 August 2024

The Minor Arcana Part I

Origins of the Minor Arcana

Numerological Influence on the Minor Arcana

Suit of Swords

Keywords for Suit


Module 5  24 August 2024

Minor Arcana Part II

Suit of Wands

Keywords for Suit


Module 6 31 August 2024

Minor Arcana Part III

Suit of Cups

Keywords for Suit


Module 7 7 September 2024

Minor Arcana Part IV

Suit of Pentacles

Keywords for Suit


Module 8 14 September 2024

Minor Arcana Part V

Introduction to Court cards :

Interpreting Court Cards :  Family traits, Personality traits, Astrological associations, Age indicators, Temperament by Suit

Court cards as Significators in a reading

Multiple Court cards in a spread


Module 9 21 September 2024

Dealing with Sceptics


Inappropriate questions

Ethical practices

Self Awareness

Setting the scene for reading


Module 10 28 September 2024

Reading Methodology

Shuffling, cutting, drawing

Layouts, Spreads, Combinations, Patterns, Reading different decks

Significance of the Major Arcana and Court Cards


Assisting clients when the reading seems negative



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