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Serenity Spray

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About the Spray from Dominique ( Dominique's Angel Shack)

I have taken each spray and tested it extensively in Hospitals, depression clinics and old ages homes and with children with disabilities to see how it works in changing energy in the space. It has worked wonders in creating happy, calm, clear environments. When spraying in the spaces.

The results on the individuals were remarkable each person showed a significant change in emotion and outlook on life.

These sprays are extremely effective with regular use as each bottle is infused with essential oils and a crystal that energizes the water.

Directions for use: Can be sprays above your head, or in the room, on linen or in your car.

Not suitable to spray directly on skin if you have sensitive skin.


Happiness - Uplift from depression
Rose quarts stone, rose geranium, grapefruit, and rosemary oils
Harmony – General relaxing
Carnelian stone, neroli, sandalwood and cederwood oils
Awakening – Meditation
Jasper stone, frankincense, myrrh, and sandalwood oils
Serenity – Clearing and calming
Sodalite stone, lemon, rose, chamomile, orange oils
Summer – Rejuvenation
Quarts stone, lemon, rose, gardenia, chamomile, orange oils
Reconnect– Meditation Crystal cleansing
Amethyst stone, neroli, lavender, cederwood, rose geranium oils
Calming – Meditation & Relaxation
Citrine stone, clary sage, chamomile oils
Revive – Stress relief, and upliftment
Clear quartz stone, citronella, rosemary, tea tree and lemon oils