Moldavite - Crystal Geological
Moldavite - Crystal Geological
Moldavite - Crystal Geological
Crystal Geological


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Rough Moldavite 7.49g


“The Stone of Spiritual Elevation”


Moldavite is the catalyst for inner evolution towards one’s highest good.

MOLDAVITE is worshiped by many for its very strong and intense vibrations. It triggers healing on all areas of the physical, mental ans spiritual bodies. The healing can occur in the physical reality, within the Chakra systems, in one’s dreams, on the spiritual dimensions, within one’s career or relationships and just about any other dimension of reality that involves crystal healing. Put your trust in Moldavite, because it already knows what it is that needs to be changed, fixed or healed. Take note, that this healing is needed to be done to allow one’s vibrations to rise to the same level as the Moldavite. - READ MORE on